Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The girls join the gang!

After a wonderful day spent at Cotswolds Park myself and Craig ventured home with two new furry friends!
Considering they aren't too keen on water, the two Slender Tailed Meerkat sisters coped very well on the bumpy journey across the solent and didn't get sea sick once!
Well today was the day they were introduced to our four boys and the introduction couldn't have gone better.
With all the excitement the dominant male wasted no time in
investigating the keen new arrivals and it wasn't long before they were stratching to get out!

Within half an hour of the doors being open the boys very kindly showed the ladies the ins and outs of their bachelor pad and even shared their breakfast! So the girls have proven to be quite a catch but the question is.... does this mean we will be hearing the sound of the pit patter of tiny feet? We will keep you updated!

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