Saturday, 16 January 2010

Horace, Dorris and Morris are thawed out!

As you probably are all aware its been extremely chilly the last week or so and the park situated where it is has experienced the full impact of the natural elements especially our three resident Pink Backed Pelicans, Horace, Dorris and Morris!
With high northerly winds forecast we thought it best to temporarily move our vunerable Pelicans to a sheltered indoor enclosure until the cold front had passed us by.
Well the day finally came when the snow had thawed and the pelicans were able to move back out into their outdoor enclosure, with the help of Keeper Jake!

Dorris was the first to return home and wasted no time at all in going for a dip and having a well longed preen of her feathers....rather you than me Dorris! The two boys were rather more hesitant and stayed on dry land but enjoyed spreading their wings and having a good old stretch whilst making the most of the sun breaking through the clouds!

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