Thursday, 1 September 2011

Junior Wildlife Experience Extravaganza!


Wow, what a wonderfully busy few days!  The popularity of our new Junior Wildlife Experience has been such that I’ve been out in the Park mornings as well as afternoons with our younger generation of V.I.P. guests!  This has meant less time in the office for processing each of the events – so I’ve been slightly behind in the blogging department!  Tara has been helping today - which is greatly appreciated - while I’ve been dashing in and out in between events!

On the morning of Tuesday 30th August we had Izzie Lucy return for her second Junior Wildlife Experience this summer!  It was lovely to see Izzie again!  Along with her young Gran, Felicity, Izzie said she really enjoyed her second chance to be close up with the Wallabies, Meerkats, Miniature Pigs, Rabbits, Pelicans, Penguins – and this time she dared to handle some of the Reptiles too!  I’ve included a small selection of images for the Blog:


Then in the afternoon of the same day I had the pleasure of spending time with Bethany Partridge who, along with her Mum and Dad, joined us as a young V.I.P. and enjoyed her own Junior Wildlife Experience!   Bethany is only seven but is confident, outgoing and has a natural way with animals.  Bethany said she’s hoping to work with animals when she’s older – possibly as a vet.  With her personality I have no doubt Bethany will do well at whatever she sets her mind to! 


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