Monday, 26 September 2011

Wallabies re-homed to farm near Bristol

From time to time we move our breeding livestock on to new homes. This is to keep numbers at an optimum level (ensuring sufficient grazing) and most importantly to strengthen bloodlines and promote genetic diversity.


New Logo in pdf format (reduced size) Today, four of our Wallaby mob were re-homed to Chew Valley Country Farm near Bristol. Joanne and Gary arrived in their customised van (we’re very envious of this vehicle – a multi-purpose, animal transporter modified by Gary!) Three of our brown females and one albino male are now on their way to their new home – to join a collection of animals including Alpacas, Miniature Donkeys, Pygmy Goats, Rhea and Sheep.

Jake Cousins of our Animal Care Team took charge of the catching-up process. As can be seen above, Jake is very adept at restraining and moving Wallabies – with no disruption or stress to the animals whatsoever– in fact they were lifted, crated and moved into the transport vehicle without any commotion, all four of them seemingly more interested in munching on their straw bedding than worrying about any change of environment!

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