Saturday, 24 September 2011

Keepers for the Day – Sylvia and Zak

Sylvia Giblin and Grandson Zak, this week joined the Animal Care Team to find out what a typical day is really like for a Keeper. Eleven year old Zak is home-taught and therefore Grandmother Sylvia thought it would be an ideal interactive and educational experience for animal-enthusiast Zak to learn more about animals.

Zak has a particular interest in Snakes and therefore it didn’t take him long to make friends with Kaiser, our Californian King Snake….

And it appears that Damien, our tame Green Crested Touraco, also took quite a shine to Sylvia!

What with being mobbed by Wallabies…..

….and smothered with mealworms, both Sylvia and Zak still had smiles on their faces and enough energy to feed the hundreds of Ducks down at the lower lake!


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