Friday, 16 September 2011

Egg -Tastic!

Although the weather is starting to cool and the breeding season for our birds is drawing to an end, it seems our comical Guinea Fowl aren't yet ready to stop laying!

Unfortunately they don’t seem to realise that they actually have to sit on their eggs and keep them warm in order for them to hatch! "Waste not want not" as they say which is certainly the case here - rather than discarding these tasty treats, the Keepers at Seaview Wildlife knew exactly who would appreciate a light snack…..


First stop, Horatio our adorable Ferret…..although we're not really sure he knew what to do with it!


By comparison, our two Mischievous Meerkats knew exactly what to do, however, we made it more challenging for them by floating the egg in their water trough - requiring some crafty Meerkat manoeuvres to fish it out before being able to feast on it!


It looks like all their determination finally paid off as one lucky female finds a way in and laps up the delight!

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