Thursday, 22 September 2011


Friends and ex-colleagues, Ann and Lyn, spent the day celebrating at the Park yesterday! After reading about the “Wildest Place for a Special Date” on our website, Ann decided to treat her friend Lyn to being a V.I.P. on this special birthday outing. It was a complete surprise for Lyn who only knew that they were going out for lunch and that she needed to wear clothes and shoes suitable for walking!

Although I took the usual selection of photographs during the event, there were some really fun shots of Ann with one of our Meerkats! Although we ask our V.I.P. guests not to touch the Meerkats (they’re wild animals and can give a nasty nip if they feel threatened or frightened) it’s more difficult to lay down guidelines for how the Meerkats behave! As can be seen from some of the images below one of the Meerkats took a real liking to Ann, climbed onto her shoulder and had a look in her ear! This hasn’t happened before so we’ve asked Ann if we might use a couple of these ‘Meerkat Moments’ in our advertising!

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