Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Update on “Henry Cooper”

Our regular Blog-followers will know of ‘Henry Cooper’ our orphaned Bennett’s Wallaby Joey – named after the late, great, boxing legend (because of his fighting spirit!).

Henry Cooper is now approximately five months old. He’s doing fine – still being hand-reared by the Animal Care Team and spending most of his time in his Keeper-made-backpack-pouch. He spends a lot of time asleep, in between hopping around on the grass and feeding. Henry’s not the largest of Joeys (that’s a polite way of saying he’s very tiny), but he is, as they say, beautifully proportioned!

We took Henry into Wallaby Walkabout this morning to let him re-meet some of his Wallaby friends and relatives. He acted quite nonchalantly, almost ignoring the bigger Wallabies completely – much more interested in getting back in his ‘pouch’ for a nap! I did however snap a couple of images to capture the moment!

HC 29 June (resized) DSC_0273HC 29 June 11 DSC_0263

HC meeting other Wallabies 29 June 11 DSC_0265HC meets others 29 June 11 DSC_0268

HC 29 June 11 (resized) DSC_0271 HC in backpack pouch upside down & asleep DSC_0276

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