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40th Anniversary Year – proud reflections shared with Island Business Magazine!


Seaview W E



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Seaview Wildlife Encounter is proudly celebrating 40 years as a successful Island business this year (1971 – 2011).   In commemoration of this milestone, Kevin Wilson, Editor of Island Business Magazine, came out to the Park earlier today to meet with, and interview, members of the Senior Management Team.   He was able to spend time not only with Lorraine Adams and Jules Brittan but also with the founding directors Mr Peter Adams and Mrs Margaret Adams.  

Kevin asked questions about the history of the Park, the initial motivation behind opening the business and what has kept the family so totally engaged and driven seven days a week right up until the present day.

Image (right): Kevin Wilson, Island Business in the Tropical House at Seaview Wildlife today.





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Mr Adams admits that his primary motivator is hearing positive feedback from Park visitors.  This inspires him to continue creating new and improved areas for visitor enjoyment in the Park.  He combines his lifelong interest in livestock and horticulture with a joy in sharing his creations with others.  Mrs Adams continues to be the financial director and head of administration – although she now has a financial assistant who was recently appointed on a full-time basis. Mr and Mrs Adams say they have no plans to retire; the whole family openly states that the Park isn’t really a business as much as a lifestyle – and has been their passion throughout the last four decades. 




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Images (above and right) Mr Peter Adams and Mrs Margaret Adams, the founder directors and creators of Seaview Wildlife Encounter (previously Flamingo Park).

During the last two decades, Mark and Lorraine Adams have become more and more involved in the business.  Lorraine’s role has  evolved into directing operations/marketing and the animal collection, whilst Mark is more involved in the grounds – upkeep and maintenance of the gardens, enclosures and exhibits.    All family members live in the grounds of the Park and so it is a natural extension to their homes and gardens.  The personal involvement of the family is clearly reflected in the consistently high standards throughout – not only in terms of immaculate cleanliness and attention to detail in the Park but also in the welfare of the animal collection and the calibre and commitment of their team of staff.

Before Kevin publishes his article in early August, we’re hoping to seek-out some archive images to pass on to him  - of Mr and Mrs Adams in the early days.  There might even be one or two that show the property before it became a Park –  a rough, open field where cattle grazed.

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