Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Letter and feedback of the week!


Thank you, once again, to our thoughtful guests for being so positive, warm and expressive!  We so appreciate that you have taken the time to write to us and to fill in our Visitors Book.  Here are just a few of your recent kind words:


“Dear Jules,Christina & Paul with Damien (Green Crested Touraco) resized DSC_1133
Thank-you so much for the photographs they are just perfect - a really great reminder of just how brilliant the day was.  We loved the blog and have told all our family and friends to read it!
We had the most wonderful day, it's difficult to put in to words how grateful we are to all the staff (and animals!) for making our honeymoon so memorable and perfect.
We were so pleased with our 'special date' - we knew it would be brilliant after visiting the park last year and having the best day then but the day could not have been better.
The staff were so wonderful and friendly, there is nothing that they would not have done for us - we really felt like VIP's. The only problem is now that we have been so spoiled by you all we may expect it every time we go out!
The animals were absolutely wonderful - it was great getting up so close to them all and getting plenty of cuddles. They were all so great that we didn't have a favourite (although I personally fell in love with the pigs & Dippy of course!)
It really was just the best day possible & we cant thank you or praise you enough for making the start of our marriage so wonderful and special.
I have no doubt that we will be back again in the future and look forward to seeing you all again when we do.
Our love to all of you & thanks for everything
Best wishes
Christina & Paul xxxx”


Penguin Pool 5 July 2010

13 June  -  “Our first day on the Island and we picked a great place to spend it.”  -  Carolyn, Weymouth.

15 June  - “Educational for youngsters.  Wonderful for children.  Entertaining for adults.  Amazing day for all.”  -  Miss G. Parkinson, Isle of Wight.

16 June - “Wonderful, very clean, a great day out for all ages, enjoyed every bit!”  -  Lyn Sprig, Dartford, Kent.

16 June  –  “Fantastic visit – children’s best attraction so far!  Particular thanks to your lovely, friendly staff – how refreshing.  Thank you.”  -  Bovingdon Primary School.



16 June  -  “28th year of visiting and still returning to feed the ducks!”  -  Catherine.Lilia feeding at lower lake DSC_7853

16 June  -  “Visited last year and had a fab time so had to visit again and have all really enjoyed.  One of the best attractions on the Island”.  -  The Furlongs, South Wales.

16 June  -  “Great for under 5’s.  Good quality food.  Staff very friendly.  Will recommend!”  -  Liz, Lee, Beatrice & Alex Kenny, West Yorkshire.

19 June  - “What a treat to find a retreat for birds and other animals being looked after in such a high standard and cleanliness.”  -    Tony Jones & Linzi Welsh, Bristol.

19 June  -  “We’ve been coming since the year dot and it gets better every time.”  -  Ann & Steve, Surrey.

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