Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Keeper for a Day – Serena Cacciato


We were pleased to welcome Serena – who unfortunately could only be with us for a short while for her surprise ‘Keeper for a Day” experience.  Despite the brevity, Serena said she really enjoyed it.  Our hope was that Serena could have a true taste of the ‘behind the scenes’ experience and we were very glad to hear that she really enjoyed her close-up time with our many wonderful characters. 

Here are a few selected images:

Serena feeding Penguins DSCF4198 Serena and Penguin DSCF4207

Serena feeding Meerkat DSCF4150 Serena feeding Meerkats DSCF4127

Serena feeding Pelican DSCF4214 Serena feeding Wallabies DSCF4166

Serena feeding Miniature Pigs DSCF4186 Serena and Green-crested Touraco DSCF4225

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