Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Keeper for a Day – Dr Derric Nimmo

Derric Nimmo joined us for the day today – a birthday gift from his wife – to be a “Keeper for a Day” here at Seaview Wildlife. Derric was treated to special close-up time with the birds, animals, bugs and reptiles – with the added bonus of warm, sunny weather! We really enjoyed Derric’s company and hope that he and his family will come back and visit us at the Park again soon!

I took copious amounts of photos and have chosen just a few as a collage of memories of Derric’s day.

D Nimmo & Pelicans (resized) DSC_0809 D Nimmo feeding Wallabies (resized) DSC_0935 D Nimmo feeding Wallabies (resized) DSC_0941D Nimmo & Penguins (resized) DSC_0781D Nimmo with Henry Cooper (resized) DSC_0902D Nimmo & Henry (resized) DSC_0877

Derric with Stick Insect on neck (resized) DSC_0914 Hissing Cockroach & Giant Stick Insect (resized) DSC_0919

D Nimmo feeding Colin Kookaburra (resized) DSC_0946

At the end of the day I asked Derric whether he’d like to say anything and he said: “Unbelievable experience; fantastic staff; thoroughly enjoyable day; would recommend this to anybody! P.S. Watch out for the Penguin’s – they bite!!”

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