Thursday, 16 June 2011


We were delighted to welcome Paul and Christina Gilbert to the Park yesterday – and we felt extremely privileged to hear that the newly weds had chosen Seaview Wildlife’s “Wildest Place for a Special Date” as one of their honeymoon treats! Christina and Paul come from Lincoln and, after visiting the Isle of Wight last year decided that this was the place for their honeymoon.

At the end of their day with us Paul and Christina said they’d had a really wonderful time. Of the many great images we captured of the couple, here’s just a few:

Christina & Paul with Penguins (resized) DSC_1129 Paul & Christina with Penguins (resized) DSC_1022

Christina feeding Wallaby (resized) DSC_1085 Paul feeding Wallabies (resized) DSC_1065

Christina feeding Alpaca (resized) DSC_1150 Paul with Alfie (resized) DSC_1039

Paul & Christina feeding Meerkats DSC_1105 Meerkats next to Paul's hand (resized) DSC_1124

Christina & Paul with Damien (Green Crested Touraco) resized DSC_1136 Paul & Christina in Tropical House (resized) DSC_1142

All the Team at Seaview Wildlife Encounter join together to wish Christina and Paul a magical honeymoon and a long, happy marriage.

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