Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Summer in all its glory!

This is a photo of Tara, our Education Officer/Senior Animal Keeper with 'Colin' who you may already know is the abandoned Kookaburra that we're hand-rearing. The image was kindly sent through to us by our most recent 'Keeper-for-a-Day', Juliet Burden. It shows just how Colin has grown - and even though he makes a lot of grumpy growley noises, we think he secretly quite enjoys the attention and interaction with his devoted Keepers - the Animal Care Team. Colin is now feeding independently on meal-worms and super marios - and is given help by the Keepers to eat mincemeat balls and small pieces of chicken. We've recently attached leather straps known as jesses to Colin's legs in anticipation of his first flying lessons - he still needs to grow tail feathers so he's not quite ready to be airborne yet! Watch this space!!

Our first litter of Harvest Mice are now approximately four weeks old. As can be seen from this image taken earlier this morning the scurrying, cute-faced youngsters are growing rapidly! I've just finished setting up 2 new tanks - as new homes for the parent mice - they'll be moved away from the juveniles in the next week or so to ensure there's no interbreeding. The youngsters will then be separated out into same-sex groups.

Our Chilean Flamingos have been performing their ritual nesting and mating ceremonies over the past couple of weeks - and much to the delight of the Animal Care Team and the visiting public the first eggs have been sighted. This image shows intertwined Chileans surrounding one egg - lying perched on top of the dried mud heap 'nest' where these beautiful, rare and remarkable birds will hopefully raise a few more of their chicks this summer.

The Park grounds are looking absolutely wonderful - this time of year brings blue skies, sunshine and beautiful summer blooms everywhere! I took a couple of photos of the waterfall near the entrance earlier today - giving a taste of the beauty that abounds. All we need now are some gentle night-time showers to keep the grass a lush green!

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