Monday, 14 June 2010

Letter and photos from visitor to Seaview Wildlife Encounter

Received 4 June 2010 by e-mail:

Hi, I visited the Park on Tuesday with my Mum and it is the best place I have been to, the variety of animals is amazing. My favourite was the Penguins and my Mum's was the white Peacocks (she has not stopped talking about them since). The weather was quite wet but it meant the Park was quieter so we got to see a lot more. The staff were very helpful and kind. The talks were very good and meant we got chance to take pictures of all the animals (I don't think I've taken that many pictures before, there was so much to see). I love the way a lot of the animals were free to roam around the Park and the camera snap flaps were great. Thanks for the brilliant day out and I will definitely be recommending the Park to all my friends. Hope to see you soon on my next visit to Portsmouth. Here are a few pictures I took, and a combined picture as well.

Thanks again.
Marie and Ann
From Coventry

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