Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Visit from M&Y News - for fun press shoot!

We had a visit today from Will Caddy (picture editor) and James Piercy (news editor) from M&Y News in Southsea. The guys had heard about our albino Wallaby Joeys - that they were born to Brown Bennett Wallaby females - and were keen to get some pics. However, once here at Seaview Wildlife the two editors not only spent time capturing the Wallabies on film, but got side-tracked on an unexpected meeting with Dippy the Penguin..

It was great fun, I've been asked not to Blog any of my own images of the event just yet so you'll just have to watch this space for the next couple of days before I can release what went on ........

Thanks Will and James for a great fun couple of hours! We hope you got the shots you were looking for and that the National (and perhaps International?) news media will pick up on this fun, innovative story!!

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