Saturday, 26 June 2010

Keeper for a day at Seaview Wildlife

Farm Secretary, Juliet Burden, decided that she fancied a change of scenery and job for a day, so came to join us here at the park to be a 'keeper for a day'.

Tara, Education Officer, took Juliet under her wing and gave Juliet the chance to experience some of the many delights of being an Animal Keeper including the feeding of penguin chicks, getting mobbed by Wallabies and even feeding 'Colin' our Kookaburra chick that we are hand rearing. If you remember seeing Colin our Kook a few weeks ago on our blog, then you may not recognise him now as he no longer looks like a prehistoric bird but most definitely a Kookaburra!

Judging by the very kind letter Juliet sent to us shortly after her experience as a Keeper, I think she thoroughly enjoyed her day here at Seaview....

'Thank you all very much for a lovely day at the park yesterday as 'Keeper for day', I had a great time and can't believe it went so quickly! Everyone made me feel so welcome and I really enjoyed being hands -on with the animals. Thank you especially to Tara for letting me follow her around all day and get so involved. As always, the park is a lovely day out, thank you all again'
If you would like the chance to be a 'Keeper for a day' then please visit our website for further details.

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