Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Absolutely the Letter of the Week ......

Dear Birdlife Advisor,
I am so pleased I was able to find your address, as I need some advice regarding a Pelican, I do so hope you can help. For some 3 weeks we here at the Lodge, have had a daily visit from a large Pelican, and initially the bird was a joy to see.
The Pelican has now decided to "move in" with our resident flock of chickens. We also keep Ducks.The bird, (very large), eats more corn than our 15 Chicks would collectively consume on a daily basis.
Although the Pelican is a joy to see, he, (or she), is a voracious eater. The Bird is presumably, off course, as we are some 5 miles from the nearest coastline. Some 5 miles nor-nor east from Topsham Bay. Having lost one's Husband some years ago, the task of identification of these visiting birds falls to me, and I am less proficient than my late husband Hubert.
Hubert was most accomplished in bird identification.
Entering my 99th year, one has enough difficulty identifying one's own dogs sometimes, I have four. Never mind those bally birds.

Huggins the Gardener, himself aged, has given his opinion that our bird maybe a Heron of some sort. I have told him he is an old fool. So far no Chickens have been taken, and our Duck population remains stable, although we have lost one Quail.

Could your good company give advice to relocate our wayward Pelican?
I do hope you can help with some good advice.

Florissa Harmiston-Pond

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