Friday, 4 June 2010

Work experience student Vicky bids farewell!

After a very busy three weeks spent cleaning out ducklings, feeding penguin chicks and generally getting her hands dirty, Vicky, our latest work expereince student who is studying at Sparsholt College, has to bid farewell to all her favourite characters here at Seaview Wildlife.

'As a student studying a degree in Animal Management and Applied Sciences part of our experience is to work in industry for a set period of time. It has been my pleasure to be able to spend three weeks here at Seaview Wildlife Encounter and have enjoyed every minute. Although the work is hard, I have found the experience completely worthwhile. How many people can say they have hand fed baby penguins and had a Meerkat sat on their lap?
The experience has taught me alot and has enhanced my understanding of animal care and husbandry. I would happily return again and would recommend a visit to this enchanting place!'

(A quote from Vicky about her experience as an 'Animal Keeper')

Speaking on behalf of all the keepers Vicky has been a great help especially over the busy half term period so a big thank you is owed to Vicky for all her hard work and we hope she comes back to visit us soon!

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