Saturday, 26 June 2010

What a stud!

Sorry girls I'm afraid we haven't recruited a new stud Animal Keeper but the ladies of our Bennett's Wallaby mob will be happy as we introduced a new Male stud...and my what a stud! Craig, Head Keeper went to collect the Male Wallaby from Woburn Safari Park in Milton Keynes last week expecting a raging wild Wallaby, but we were all pleasantly surprised when he returned with a friendly, docile and very handsome stud!

As you have probably seen, we have quite a few Wallabies at the park and numbers continue to increase each year. This year we are happy to welcome 5 new joey's to the mob, 3 of which are Albino, caused by a rare recessive gene. Now we have a stud male with some fresh blood we are hoping that he will waste no time and by next spring have even more... and hopefully they will take after their father's good looks!

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