Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Education and School Visits are a priority at Seaview Wildlife!

Education is a pivotal part of our work here at the Park. We are constantly reviewing and updating our educational programme to ensure we are setting the pace and offering schools and students of all ages an exciting, fun, ever-changing interaction with nature. In addition to our nine daily keeper-lead Wildlife Presentations the Park encourages youngsters to be hands-on and up-close to birds and animals - bringing the theory to life!

This image, taken earlier today, shows the Penguin Pool at Seaview Wildlife Encounter - with a few of the Humboldt Penguins just after feeding time. We had three schools visiting today which no doubt pleased the Penguins - extra fish being thrown to them by all the eager youngsters! The weather has been great - sunny and warm but not roastingly hot (if there's such a word??) so it's perfect conditions for spending time in our beautiful Park!

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