Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Vet visit 28 July (re-sized) catching penguin chick

Vet visit 28 July 10 (re-sized) microchipping penguin chicks

Dr Ian Green had a scheduled visit to the Park at 8.00 this morning – with the primary task of micro-chipping this year’s Penguin chicks (this is mandatory in terms of zoo regulations). All nine chicks were successfully caught (thanks especially to Head keeper, Craig who has a real knack!) The most challenging capture was the parent-reared chick (the other 8 chicks have been Keeper-reared and are therefore less skittish). The image, above left, shows an action shot of the ‘wild child chick’ being rounded up and captured ready to be micro-chipped! Thankfully, all went off smoothly – the image above right shows the micro-chipping in progress!

Vet visit 28 July 10 (re-sized) microchipping penguin chicks 2

A close up shot of Dr Ian Green micro-chipping one of the Penguin chicks this morning

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