Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Colin the Kookaburra makes friends with Anneliese Taylor

Colin, our hand-reared Kookaburra, showing off his adult plumage - including newly-grown tail feathers. He's now outdoors on a full-time basis in his own enclosure, still as chatty as ever, and confidently flying from branches - often on to the Keepers' hands - especially if he senses a meal might be on its way!

Anneliese (pictured below with Colin) has just completed her first year of a National Diploma in Animal Management at Oaklands College, St. Albans, Hertfordshire and has chosen to do her 'work experience' here at Seaview Wildlife Encounter. Anneliese lives in Watford, Herts - but for these few weeks, whilst working at the Park, she's staying with friends on the Island.

Although she enjoys working with all the animals and birds at the Park, Anneliese has particularly enjoyed feeding the Penguin chicks and helping with the Wallaby presentation feed. She is hoping to work in a Wildlife Park or Zoo once she has qualified.

Anneliese has fitted in really well with our Animal Care Team and has been keen and quick in learning the practical side of animal care and husbandry. We're going to miss her when she's not here! We all wish Anneliese everything of the best in her future studies - and look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.

A quote from Anneliese: " This has been an amazing experience - working here with the variety of birds and animals. All the staff have made me feel welcome. I've enjoyed meeting the public as well. If I could ever work here again I would love to."


  1. 唯有學習不已的老師,才能認真的教,唯有燃燒自己,才能點亮他人的燈............................................................

  2. Wow, Anneliese I'm jealous! lol
    I knew you would end up doing something you love, you certainly have the drive for it :-)