Monday, 8 October 2012

Vet visits the Park

Last week, our vet Dr Ian Green, visited our collection - not only to consult on specific cases but as part of our Pro-active Healthcare Programme.  This is an essential part of our zoo licence requirements.   During this bi-annual visit the overall health of the collection is reviewed, collection strategies and future expansion plans are discussed and a range of preventative treatments are agreed upon.  The morning was combined with a bi-annual Ethical Review Meeting where a number of topics relating to our collection were discussed. Those present included three Park representatives (Director, General Manager and Head Keeper), the Park veterinarian and a neutral third party who has no connections with the Park.  Sometimes topics can be quite emotive or even controversial and such a Review Meeting allows for a tabling of ideas and a chance for those present to share their views and opinions. 
A few images taken during the ‘walk round’ with the vet:

Above: Trimming the Pigs’ trotters (quite a challenging task as the Pigs don’t take kindly to having their feet fiddled with!)

Above: Chilean Flamingo chick being examined and hand-fed

Above: Vet examines ‘Squirt’ the Penguin’s feet.  Squirt has been suffering from a condition known as ‘Bumblefoot’ – sores on the soles of his feet.  This is not contagious but does require the Penguin’s feet to be kept dry whilst undergoing treatment.  Once given the ‘all-clear’ the Penguin patient is then permitted to re-join the rest of the colony back at the Penguin pool.

Squirt – making his way (with great enthusiasm!) from the treatment room  – back to the Penguin pool to re-join his pals!

Down at the Lower Lake, walking, talking and reviewing, whilst surrounded by a myriad of magnificent wildfowl.

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