Monday, 8 October 2012

This weekend’s Wildlife Encounters

The weather was perfect for personal Wildlife Experiences this weekend!  What a difference a day makes – today has been grizzly (grey and drizzly) all day long … just look at these weekend images showing blue skies and sunny smiles all round …

Rebecca (Becky) Jones (images below) was a Keeper for a Day with us on Saturday.  This was a gift to Becky from her parents, Mike and Gerrie (Mike does our advertising design work) as a belated special day after the birth of her daughter.


Also on Saturday (6th October) we welcomed Megan Davis who experienced her own unique Meerkat Encounter (images below):

On Sunday 7th October thirteen year old Oliver Niemiec (pictured below) was our Keeper for a Day (Oliver said his favourite animals were the Meerkats)

Yesterday, Sarah and Alan Barnett treated themselves to a Combo Encounter – experiencing personal, close-up time with both the Penguins and Meerkats (a few of their images are below):

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