Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Card of the Week – proof that our Wildlife Encounters are great for all ages!

Yesterday we received a really lovely Thank You card from Lynn & Pete Thoday who shared a Keeper for a Day experience with us on Saturday 29th September.  This was a surprise 65th birthday present for Lynn!

“To everyone at Seaview especially Charlotte, Becky and Jake, for making our Keeper for a Day on Saturday 29th September a fantastic and an awesome experience. 
Feeding and handling the animals was better than we ever thought it could be, even with a few scratches and bites.  I will never forget my 65th birthday surprise. 
One of my best moments was overcoming my fear of snakes, that was a real bonus and it was thanks to Charlotte, Becky and Jake with their encouragement that I did it.
If possible on your blog could you sometime update how the little Flamingo and Squirt are doing.
Once again we would both like to say a big thank you for a marvellous day and would recommend it to anyone.  We would both love to do it again sometime.
Lynn & Pete Thoday
P.S. Would it be possible to get a photo of Charlotte, Becky and Jake together so I can put it in my scrapbook, which I hope to put together this winter”.

Thank you Lynn & Pete, from all the Animal Care Team, for taking the time to write and send this message of thanks– and for the beautiful card that you sent it in.

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