Monday, 22 October 2012

Rats new luxury lodgings

Rizzo and Templeton have moved into their new luxury lodgings!  A purpose-built, made to order, designer rodent abode – especially for our two boys!  (Thanks to Graham our Chef, who, when he’s wearing his other hat, is a fine carpenter and handyman!)  A special addition to their new home is the soft, plush, yellow hammock kindly donated to the Rat Lads by Sally in our Gift Shop.  Templeton has taken to this with rapacious ratty rigour – but there isn’t quite enough space in it for two.  They do prefer to snuggle up together, especially now that the chilly Autumn weather’s here … so we may need to work on a second hammock, this time big enough for both!

DSC_0413  DSC_0202.jpg1

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