Monday, 22 October 2012

Having a Wild Time all weekend long!


On Saturday (20th October) Lucy Pain (below) was treated to a Junior Wildlife Experience by her parents - to celebrate her ninth birthday!  Lucy loved all the animals, especially the Wallabies – and feeding all the ducks!  Happy birthday Lucy!





Yesterday (Sunday, 21st October) Ellie Williams (pictured below) was a Keeper for a Day with us – this was in celebration of her 12th birthday (happy birthday from all the Team here at Seaview Wildlife!)  Ellie said she particularly enjoyed spending time with the Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.




James and Mia (below) are on holiday on the Island for a few days and heard about our Penguin Encounters.  Mia has a special love for Penguins.  Our cheeky characters didn’t disappoint, they were on top form yesterday – giving James and Mia the run around!







Wishing Ruby Roberts a very happy 6th birthday from all of us at the Park!  Ruby, along with friends and family, had her birthday party here yesterday where it is hoped a good time was enjoyed by all!

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