Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wonderful Winter Wildlife Encounters


Holly Hinds (pictured below) has been with us for the last two days in a special extended “Keeper for two days” experience.  We were extremely pleased to welcome Holly back again as a Keeper for a Day – with this being her third experience there’s no doubt that she’s really getting to know some of the animals and their husbandry routines.  Today Holly has helped out with enrichment activities such as putting vegetables and straw into small boxes for the pigs to forage in as well as helping with pumpkin-filled treats for the Otters.


Thomas and Chloe Boniface (below) were treated to a Junior Wildlife Experience by their Grandparents yesterday.  They’re here on the Island from their home near Bath and this Wildlife Experience was a complete surprise for them.  They said they really enjoyed every minute and are hoping for a repeat treat next year!


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