Monday, 1 October 2012

The Weekend’s Latest Wildlife Encounters


In-between the rain showers over the last few days we’ve been very busy with lots more hands on animal experiences taking place. On Saturday we were very lucky and had a beautiful day basking in the glorious September sunshine!

On Thursday 27th September, the Meerkats were extremely popular with three Encounters booked in. After Vernon James and Jacqui Turners’ one on one sessions (see previous blog posts) we were joined in the afternoon by Jim Curruthers (pictured below), who had great fun feeding the Meerkats:


On Friday 28th September, Pat Jolliffe joined the Animal Care Team in the morning for her Penguin Encounter! Pat is very interested in Penguins and thoroughly enjoyed her time getting up close to them!

Later on Friday we welcomed Irene to the Park where she was able to feed our trio of cheeky Meerkats some healthy fruits and vegetables and then their favourite - the juicy live mealworms! Irene is Meerkat-mad and loved the chance of being able to meet them!

On Saturday 29th September we were joined by Lynn and Pete Thoday (pictured below). It was actually Lynn’s birthday on Saturday so, as an special treat, they both participated as Keepers for the Day! The whole animal team thoroughly enjoyed their company and it was a pleasure taking them around for the day. Both were naturals with the animals and Lynn even managed to conquer her fear of snakes by holding our lovely King Snake Kaiser!


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