Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Old wooden boat needed for Pelican nesting site …. Can you help?

You may remember that we had two old wooden ‘clinker’ fishing boats in the area that we call ‘Pelican Bay’? These were favoured by the Pink-Backed Pelicans’ as the best place for nest-building. Unfortunately the boats had deteriorated to the point of complete disintegration this winter and so needed to be removed.

I’ve taken photos of the two remaining wooden fishing boats (below) to give an idea of what we’re looking for. They don’t have to be waterproof or able to float (or even whole!)– their purpose would be to bring Pelican Bay back to life by giving our Pelicans another chance at nest-building (and hopefully to encourage them to start laying eggs – something that we’re all hoping for!)

In addition to old wooden fishing boats if anyone has any old fishing gear that they could donate - such as crab/lobster pots, floats, buoys, etc – these would undoubtedly enhance Pelican Bay and would be very much appreciated. Any help greatly appreciated and rewarded with complimentary family passes!!! Please email info@seaviewwildlife.com

Clinker boat Penguin Pool Boat at lower lake

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