Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Snow-covered Park images during Christmas 2010


Before we forget the winter wonderland that was – here are a few images that Animal Keeper, Fern, captured on her iphone just before Christmas (whilst I was snowed-in in the New Forest!).  Great contributions Fern, we may just ask for your support more often!


  Magical winter light Winter scene at lower lake



Two wonderful winter shots taken down at the lower lake.  The light in the image on the left is really magical!







Pelican catching fish in snow Dec 2010

Dippy in the snow Dec 2010



Horace the Pelican (left) showing his fish-catching expertise whilst perched on a snow-covered pier.


Dippy (right) in a contemplative mood, making his way forward for one of his daily tummy-tickles!




Geese at Lower Lake in snow

View across meadow to Solent in snow


Geese at the lower lake (left)


The view across the meadow – with stormy skies over the Solent (right)

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