Tuesday, 11 January 2011



Fern & Meerkats DSC_0415Not all days are bursting with happiness – even here at Seaview Wildlife where Dippy’s flapping flippers uplift us all even when the world is full of woe!

Unfortunately one of our male Meerkats was taken ill this morning – we found him listless and very out of sorts in his heated house.  We rushed him off to the vets straight away -he’s in the best hands now.  Various tests are being run and we won’t know the outcome for a while but we’ll keep you posted.

Regular visitors to the Park will know that our gang of Meerkats has gradually dwindled due to old age.  Last Spring we introduced two young females from Cotswolds Wildlife Park in the hope that we might hear the pattering of little pups’ feet this summer ….. what is the expression – the best layed plans ….oh well, nature has a way of sorting things out, so let’s wait and see……..


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