Friday, 21 January 2011

WWT Arundel host BIAZA meeting for Educational Officers

As potential BIAZA (British and Irish Association for Zoos and Aquariums) members for 2011, Education Officer Tara was invited to join a BIAZA meeting for Educational Officers from all over the UK. To start the year off WWT Arundel Wetland Centre (West Sussex) hosted the meeting where collections including London Zoo (ZSL), Drusillas Park, The Hawk Conservancy Trust, Wildwood and Birdworld were very warmly welcomed with tea and biscuits! 

Such meetings take place every six months and are a chance for Education Officers to meet, discuss and obtain ideas and information from each collection in order to improve already existing  educational programmes that we provide to the general public and schools.

P1060334Arundel Wetland Centre is one of nine UK centres run by the WWT (Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust) dedicated to the conservation of wetlands for people and wildlife. The 26 hectares of spectacular wetlands is home to endangered wildlife from all over the world including local species such as Kingfishers and the endangered Water Vole.





Although unfortunately I only snatched a glimpse of a beautiful Kingfisher amongst the tall reeds of one of many large ponds, I did however manage to snap some shots of some other very interesting waterfowl….


P1060347     P1060368 P1060421

Long Tailed duck                                              Bewick’s swan                                               Magpie Geese



Some you may recognise from here at the park…





Mandarin (American Carolina or Wood duck)                                                                                   Male Eider duck   

There are many activities to take part in when visiting the centre including boat safaris, pond dipping, bat walks, free crafts and duck feeding! P1060436

Perhaps my favourite was capturing the warm winter lighting as the sun went down on the beautiful surroundings of the wetlands.

For more information of  the WWT Arundel Wetlands Trust please visit their website

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