Thursday, 13 January 2011


One of the Keepers saw an idea for enriching a feed. Fern and Tracy decided to give the recipe a try:

- Hollow out a melon

- Make incisions all round the melon

– Poke Sprats into the incisions so that their tails are protruding

- Fill the rest of the melon with prawns

Place into Otter enclosure, get ready with your camera …….. ready, steady, go!

Otter peering inside melon Otter with paw inside enrichment feeding melon

Above left: Intrigued and getting a closer look inside the melon. Above right: One paw inside melon, the other holding a sprat!

Otter feeding from melonOtter eating fish from melon

Above left: Having his first taste. Above right: Really tucking in!

Ensuring our animals are stimulated is an important part of our animal care. Enrichment ideas like this one are fun for the Keepers to create and even more fun for the Otters to enjoy!

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