Friday, 7 January 2011

David Nordell’s 2010 Seaview Wildlife images

David Nordell has been a regular visitor to the Park over recent years.  He takes absolutely beautiful photographs!  We received an email from David yesterday sharing a few images with us that he took during his visits during 2010.   We’re looking forward to welcoming David back in 2011 …………….

2 Otters (D Nordell 2010) Chilean Chick (D Nordell 2010) Crowned Crane (D Nordell 2010)

Lessers Entwined (D Nordell 2010) Mandarin (D Nordell 2010) Mandarin Duck (D Nordell 2010)

Meerkat (D Nordell 2010) Peacock (D Nordell) 2010 Penguin head in pool (D Nordell 2010)

Penguin splashed in water (D Nordell 2010) Penguin with mouthful (D Nordell 2010) Sparrow in the Park (D Nordell) 2010

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