Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Accepting loss of life is a part of being an Animal Keeper

Meerkat (D Nordell 2010)

Unfortunately our male Meerkat that took ill two days ago has had to be put to sleep. It’s always hard to lose one of our animals. Some characters wiggle their way into the hearts of the Keepers (and visitors) more than others.

For the moment we’re waiting to see how the rest of our Meerkat gang settles down and adjusts to the change in their group dynamics before we consider what our next step will be. We’ll be researching and seeking advice from other Collections regarding future plans - whether it’s advisable to leave the group as it is for a while – or if not, how best to introduce a new male/s.

In the meantime the remaining three Meerkats are carrying on as normal (as far as obvious external appearance and behaviours are concerned). We hope that whatever bereavement or missing is felt from a Meerkat’s perspective that it is neither too painful nor too drawn out.

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