Thursday, 16 August 2012

Some wild, wonderful moments at Seaview Wildlife

We’ve had the pleasure of having the company of a “Keeper for a Day” almost every day since the start of the summer holidays.  Just one of those who participated this week was Abigail Mint (pictured below) who joined us on Tuesday (13th August)– whilst on holiday from Kent – Abi especially enjoyed the Penguins and Wallabies.
On the same day, Tekla Farr (below) loved her Meerkat Encounter!
Monty Guerra (aged 9, below) is on holiday on the Isle of Wight with his parents – and was treated to a Combo Encounter.

Yesterday (Wednesday 15th August) brother and sister (Laurance and Yasmine Schmid, below) thoroughly enjoyed their Junior Wildlife Experience.  To make it a real family event, their Gran, Jayne (also pictured below), joined them for a Combo Encounter, thereby sharing the magical close-up time in with the Penguins and Meerkats.
Thank you to those of you who have experienced the wonderment of a Wildlife Encounter with us this summer.  For those who haven’t yet treated themselves – we still have some bookings available – check out our website -
See you soon!

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