Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Have you had a personal wildlife encounter yet?

If you haven’t experienced an encounter yet you’re missing out on something really special … it’s easy to book … just click on to enquire about availability and get more details.
We’ve had some fabulous feedback from participants who say they had no idea how wonderful Seaview Wildlife is for ALL visitors – the beauty of the Park and the fact that all visitors get close to and can feed so many of the animals and birds.  We’re told that being part of a one-on-one wildlife encounter is the icing on the cake!
Yesterday we welcomed Lucie Kay as our “Keeper for a Day”.  Lucie (images below) lives with her husband and son in Swindon.  She has always wanted to work with animals – so this was a taster for Lucie of what’s involved!

Keeping it in the family …. yesterday afternoon Ben Kay (Lucie son) enjoyed a Junior Wildlife Experience. Dad, David, observed from the sidelines and seemed really pleased that his wife and son both had a good time!  Ben is pictured below:

Hannah Cope and Thomas Easthope (pictured below) returned to the Isle of Wight yesterday having visited recently - just to experience a “Wildest Date” here at the Park!  What a lovely couple they make – and they were both so relaxed with the animals that they had some fabulous close-up time.  Their encounters were followed by a romantic champagne lunch on the patio!  Hannah and Tom didn’t leave after lunch however, they enjoyed the rest of their afternoon at Seaview Wildlife and left at closing time. 

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