Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wildlife Encounters … a lifetime of memories

The feedback and comments from our visitors about their time in the Park has been truly amazing this year – even more so than ever before.  Since the introduction of a wider choice of One-on-One Wildlife Encounters participants are so overwhelmed with excitement they can hardly wait to make repeat bookings for their next visit to the Isle of Wight! 

Yesterday and today we’ve welcomed five more participants into our Wildlife Encounters. Yesterday 14 year old Zara Hiddlestone (pictured above) joined us as a Keeper for a Day.

Six year old Amelia Tarry (above) had a Junior Wildlife Experience yesterday morning. Once Amelia overcame her initial apprehension she seemed to really enjoy herself!

Yesterday afternoon brother and sister – Charlie (13) and Grace (8) – pictured above - were absolute naturals in relating to all the animals during their Junior Wildlife Experience.

Today (Tuesday 21st August) was Combo Encounter time for Brenda and Jennifer Kay (above) 

This afternoon was Rebecca Kay’s turn to have a Junior Wildlife Experience. Becky (aged 7, pictured above) was quite nervous when first encountering each new species of animal but, with guidance from Animal Keeper, Lucy, along with my encouragement from behind the lens, Becky became quite courageous and repeatedly said she wanted to go back for more!

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