Wednesday, 29 August 2012


penguin underwater swimming
We came slightly late so sadly missed feeding the Pink-Backed Pelicans fish
We fed the Macaws with their plumage so bright
Watching them eat out nuts was a wonderful sight
We then had the pleasure to stroke and hold animals whose blood was cold
It was amazing to feed the Wallabies around our feet and the tiny Joey was so sweet
We watched the Meerkats have their lunch and stood close enough to hear them munch
We stroked a Ferret and a Rabbit so big before we cuddled a Guinea Pig
We then heard the Otters squeak and squeal on closer inspection they were having their meal
We fed the penguins with fish so slippy the star of the show was cheeky little Dippy
All of the animals were tame some you could even call by name
The friendly staff helped make our day but sadly now we must make our way
A wonderul wildlife park right by the sea
A perfect day out with my family

By Georgie Digby (Aged 13 years)

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