Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Five more wonderful wildlife Encounters


Over the past two days we’ve had five more Wildlife Encounters here at the Park – three “Combo Encounters” (where guests enjoy one-on-one time with the Penguins and then the Meerkats); a Meerkat Encounter (up-close and personal time with the Meerkats) and a Junior Wildlife Experience (two hours of action-packed close-up time for our younger guests (aged 6-15) spending time with a whole range of animals!)



Above: Sisters Lily and Aria Turner were treated to a “Combo Encounter” by their grandparents who accompanied them, watching from the sidelines, on Tuesday 28th August.

Steve and Iris Nunn (above) are on their honeymoon on the Isle of Wight – so it was an extra-special, love-filled Meerkat Encounter on Tuesday afternoon!



Brothers Ralph and Lorcan (above) were treated to a “Combo Encounter” by their parents - to round off their two week holiday here on the Isle of Wight.  We got caught in a very heavy downpour in between spending time with the Penguins and Meerkats so took shelter in “Pets Corner” where the boys enjoyed some unscheduled cuddles with some of the smaller furry animals!


Gary and Maureen Faas (above) are on holiday from Perth in Australia and braved the showers this afternoon (Wednesday) to have a “Combo Experience” – they really seemed to have a great time – lots of enthusiasm and smiles!


Zara Napier (above) was treated to a Junior Wildlife Experience by her Grandma, Margaret, this afternoon (Wednesday) as part of her 10th birthday present.  Despite the rain Zara had a really good time interacting with all the animals and birds we could possibly fit in to the two hours! 

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