Monday, 15 August 2011

Keeper for a Day – Victoria Williams

Victoria and her family have been here on the Isle of Wight from their home in Swindon – being a Keeper for a Day at Seaview Wildlife was a gift from her Dad. Victoria is 14 years old and has a keen interest in animals. She said she really loved the day and was particularly taken with Henry Cooper the little orphaned Wallaby Joey.

Victoria and Henry Cooper DSC_1474 Victoria feeding Pelicans DSC_1416 Victoria feeding (moulting) Penguins DSC_1438

Victoria with (moulting) Penguins DSC_1458 Victoria with Meerkat on lap DSC_1507 Victoria feeding Wallabies DSC_1502Victoria with Ferret DSC_1528 Victoria with Meerkat on lap DSC_1524

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