Monday, 1 August 2011

Keeper for a Day – Precious Bayliss

Our most recent ‘Keeper for a Day’ was 17 year old Precious Bayliss who is studying towards a qualification in Animal Management. Precious and her family are here on the Isle of Wight on holiday from Cheshire and the Keeper for a Day experience was a surprise treat from her Mum. Precious said she really enjoyed the day and found all the Keepers really nice to work with. When asked what were the highlights of her day Precious said “the Penguins and the Wallabies”. Apparently being a Keeper for a Day at Seaview Wildlife Encounter has definitely reinforced Precious’s career aspirations to work with animals!

Precious feeding Pelicans (resized) DSC_0730 Precious feeding Penguins (resized) DSC_0749 Precious feeding Wallabies (resized) DSC_0782

Precious feeding Wallabies (resized) DSC_0790 Precious with Henry Cooper (resized) DSC_0775 Precious with Henry Cooper (resized) DSC_0776

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