Thursday, 11 August 2011

Visitor’s comments and feedback

ASC eating trout (D Nordell)

What a hectic week and it’s not over yet.  We have had ‘Keeper for a day’ sessions  booked on every single day this week, two Junior Wildlife Experiences and today a ‘Wildest Date’ booking.  Phew…. what with birthday party bookings coming in also, and adoptions of penguins and parrots this week we are going to need to build a new office at reception at this rate to cope with the pace!!

A big thank you to ALL our staff in all departments for working so hard in ensuring the smooth running of the Park and for keeping our visitors happy.

Here are some fabulous comments from our visitors book and market research questionnaire sheets that makes all the hard work worth while.

“ This is the best Wildlife Zoo I’ve ever been to.  The wallabies were the best animals in the Park”

  Fantastic Park.  Big thank you to all staff for their efforts.  Well done”

  Our 10th year visit, still a wonderful experience.  Thanks all!”

  Absolutely fab, excellent value for money.  Super facilities.  Keep up the good work everyone”

  Excellent Park so ‘hands on’.  This is our 5th visit in two years”

“  Really impressed – so clean, well kept, all creatures obviously well cared for – best Zoo on the Isle”

“  Fab day, fantastic layout, nice and clean.  Best attraction we have been to”

“  The best thing about my visit was meeting the owner and seeing and talking to her as she tried to hand feed the new baby joey Henry Cooper.  She also allowed us to watch the vet check him over.  I have been coming here from a baby and seeing all the keepers here it has helped me decide that I would want to follow the lines of some of the keepers here at Seaview Wildlife.  Thank you”

“  Very enjoyable visit, so clean and tidy.  Funny and friendly animals, courteous staff, all very helpful.  Lovely paintings displayed around the Park.  Tasty food with lots of choice and a quality gift shop.  Keep on doing what you are doing, it’s brilliant.”


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