Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wildest Place for a Special (family) Date!

We were pleased to welcome the Snaith family from Nottinghamshire – our latest V.I.P. guests at the Park who treated themselves to the “Wildest Place for a Special Date”. This special day was chosen by Sharon to celebrate her 29th wedding anniversary with husband Steve – and they included family members - daughter Stephanie (Steph) and niece Molly. The weather was beautiful – and I hope a good time was had by all …. Steve had a particularly good rapport with one of the Meerkats … in fact I’ve asked him if we can include one of the images in our latest e-newsletter!

Meerkat gazing into Steve's eyes! DSC_1072

It doesn’t get any closer than this!! Although we ask our V.I.P. guests not to touch the Meerkats it obviously doesn’t stop the Meerkats touching our guests (especially those they strike up a relationship with!) Could it be that love is in the air?!

Steve holding Damien - Green Crested Touraco DSC_1129 Snaith family with Henry Cooper DSC_1041

Steph with Priscilla the Bearded Dragon DSC_1124 Steve & Sharon feeding Wallabies DSC_1020 Snaith family feeding the moulting Penguins DSC_1095

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