Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kirsty Brown – Keeper for a Day


Thirteen year old Kirsty and her family have been on the Isle of Wight on holiday from their home in Oxford.  Kirsty has a sister who has special needs.  The Social Services that Kirsty’s family are dealing with recently put out a special questionnaire to Kirsty and other children who are siblings of special needs children.  The questionnaire aims to find out more about how the brothers and sisters of special needs children live their lives and what they do in their leisure time.  As an incentive to complete the questionnaire, Kirsty (and the other siblings within similar families) were offered £100 to spend on themselves for a special outing.  Kirsty chose to put her prize money into being a Keeper for a Day at Seaview Wildlife.  We feel extremely privileged at this choice and hope that the day was everything that Kirsty hoped it would be.



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