Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Little “Henry Cooper” has very sadly lost his fighting spirit…. I’m sorry to announce that he was was put to sleep this morning.

Many of you will remember this little chap, the tiny Wallaby Joey that we adopted back in early May of this year after his mother’s pouch seemed unable to hold him and we kept finding him abandoned and cold on the ground. He was hand-reared by the Animal Care Team and was greatly loved by all who had the privilege of spending time with him.

Over the past week or two Henry’s health deteriorated. He developed cataracts in both his eyes and almost overnight went completely blind. He also became severely anaemic; the vet suspected there may be internal haemorrhaging. Despite various attempts to treat him, Henry’s recovery wasn’t to be.

Thank you to all of you who helped to make his short life a happy one.

A few of our favourite images of little “Henry Cooper” – R.I.P. X

D Nimmo & Henry (resized) DSC_0877

Image above is of Dr Derric Nimmo who was a Keeper for a Day with us on 1st June – I particularly like this memory of Henry Cooper.


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  2. So sorry to here the sad news, I had the privileged of holding him when we visited in July. All our best wish's to everyone who cared for him and made his short life a pleasant one.
    RIP little Henry

    Dave, Jane & Daniel

  3. i could not believe this when i saw it.
    my little henry!!
    i'm so glad i got to meet him the cute little thing.
    rest in peace henry x