Wednesday, 16 February 2011


In the last two days the first of this year’s baby Bennett’s Wallabies (Joeys) was seen peeking out of its mother’s pouch! At this age they’re tiny, still almost bald and are rather rat-like….. good thing their mother loves them! In the next few weeks, as the weather starts to warm up, the Joeys will start to show themselves more often, however it’ll be some time yet before any of them venture out of the safety of the pouch for their first exploration of the world around them!

Unfortunately, despite my attempts at capturing a view of our first Joey’s face, including regular returns to Wallaby Walkabout throughout the day today, it obviously wasn’t to be! The best I can do is to share with you is a couple of images of the Wallabies being joined at feeding time in the afternoon sunshine by the ever-hungry Alpacas, Hens, Cockerel (and one of the Guinea Fowl’s that thinks it’s a Chicken!) You’ll notice in the images immediately below a back view of a bulging female Wallaby’s pouch – this is proof of the little Joey within – watch this space, he’s bound to re-peek soon!

Wallabies and all feeding - shows female with bulging pouch Feb 11 Wallabies et al feeding Feb 11

Albino Wallaby & feathered friends eating together Feb 11 Wallaby face close-up Feb 11

‘Uncle Tom Cobbley and All’ at feeding time this afternoon in Wallaby Walkabout.

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