Sunday, 13 February 2011


Hi Lorraine and Jules

  Peter and I were shocked to hear about Dippy’s Facebook page.  All our friends in Scotland, England and Australia love having Dippy as a friend.  We also found the site educational.  It’s upsetting that your site can be closed down without giving you any reason.  It seems rather unfair that if there is a problem, you are not given the chance to rectify it.  We are lucky, as we have someone who visits Dippy in person, or rather, in ‘penguin’, regularly, so we hear how Dippy is doing.  I hope someone from Facebook will email you, and that the problem can be rectified soon, as we miss seeing Dippy in all his different outfits.  We really miss his engaging conversation, and interesting comments about all sorts of subjects.  I have learned more in the last year from Dippy about penguins, than I have from anywhere else in my life.  Please give dear Dippy a kiss and cuddle from us, and lets hope it won’t be too long before we can all be reunited with our much loved and respected Dippy.  Thank you for looking after Dippy and his friends so well.  Fiona and Peter Strange xxxx

Image:  Dippy moulting out his feathers – summer 2010

Dippy moulting front view DSC_0147


Hey Jules & Lorraine,

“Just to let you no, I have set up a ‘Get Dippy back on Facebook’ group page.  You just need to search ‘ Get Dippy back on Facebook’ and you will find it.  It is an open group so anyone can join and put comments and photos up.

I have just put a little bit of information up about what happened, and have asked people to invite their friends and family to join and try and get as many people to join as possible.

I hope we can get him back, and all his friends back as well”.

Fingers crossed.  Liam Thistlewood

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